Change Your Thinking, Change Your life.

Are you surviving but not thriving? Feeling as though something is holding you back?  I've been there and can help you get to the next big thing in your life.

Personal Coaching by Trina Atwell 

About Me

I believe that struggle or ease, and quality of life, are choices that we make.  While we can't change the circumstances we lived in the past, we can change our thoughts and feelings about them, thereby changing how they affect who we are today.


Thus, we can change the experience we are currently living.


I'm here to guide you through self-discovery and help you stay accountable for following through on your commitments to yourself so that you can create the sustainable life changes that represent your dreams.  

Why Hire a personal life coach?

It's Your Time.

Imagine creating a life that you once only dreamt about. Imagine having an excitement for life that has you waking up ready to hit the ground running.  It's time to take those dreams and turn them into goals; it's time to start living your best life.  

Unlimited Texting and Video Sessions 

In our weekly interactions, I'll guide you through an incredible self-development journey that will allow you release the blocks that were caused by your past and let go of the thinking that's holding you back so that you can focus on your future and start living your best, most authentic life. 

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When I first approached Trina, I was sure that I wanted to only work on finding a career.  I felt that I was dealing with the other areas of my life.  I didn't realize that the patterns of behavior that affected my professional life were the exact same patterns that affected my personal life.  When I explored and committed to making the best of one, I was given the gift of improving all aspects of my life. 

Shauna Harrison

I have an overwhelming feeling of peace and calm and a solid feeling that I'm where I should be.  I have found a new path that is giving me everything that is important to me and I would not have been able to do it without Trina.  I also feel that my relationships and connections with people around me have grown in such a deep way. I'm so grateful.

Janine Bell

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