I’ve heard that life experiences can sometimes be your best education.  

There was a time not long ago that I felt I had lost it all and was not sure how I could be me again or reach my best self. 

Through childhood years of bullying and abuse, and adult years of domestic violence, I'd developed a mindset that said I just wasn’t good enough.  I was set on thinking that the “good life” wasn’t in the stars for me. I was living the life that others pushed upon me, instead of the life I’d dreamt about.   

Then ten years ago I simply could not continue that path and it all came to an end. I changed my thoughts and it changed my world.  I became empowered by optimism and positive mindset. I discovered ways to manifest the life that I wanted and allowed the Universe to deliver.  

Once I started seeing the change there was no going back. The more I witness my world representing who I authentically am rather than who others thought I should be, I became unstoppable.

I discovered a gift that allowed me to take hold of my dreams, create the life I meant for me, and live.

I knew then that I had a bigger purpose in life and that is sharing this life changing gift with others.

I've studied for the past 10-years and I continue to increase my knowledge and empowerment, and to thrive in my personal development and wellness.

 I am here to share those discoveries with you.  Through mindset, you too can change your reality. 

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life